Gotta ​Sell Your Home?


. Not sure who to call?

. Your ready to sell now?

. Rising market values caught your attention?

You already got an agent but...

Deeply disappointed with performance & outcome thus far?

. Does your Agent call you back?

. Did they leave you feeling ignored?

. Tired & irritated with your Realtors incompetence?

. Has your current home listing agreement expired?

. Was the marketing used to sell your home cutting



Maybe you have?...

. Consider selling it yourself?

. Realized its harder than it seems?

. Dead end buyers wasting your time?

. Are you knowledgeable with legal documents that

  could haunt you later if executed improperly on

  your behalf?

Your just looking for a real team of Pro Real Estate Agents that can sell your house?

. Did you know Agents bring fake deals just to make

  you extend the listing contract before it expires?

We don't!

. Did you know listing Agents avoid calls from other

  agents who are bringing you a buyer for your home?

Why you ask?

Simple... They want to bring in their own buyers, so they can make double the commissions pay.

Greedy? YEAH!

We bring our own buyers in too but... However we don't discriminate against offers outside our own. When an agent waits because of greed, that means you wait. Ultimately extending the amount of time your home sits on the market un-sold!  Not good!

​How well do we know Marketing?

We know marketing in ways that excel average under-knowledged agents, who should not be given the responsibility of representing you in a most important investment... your home!

Our marketing insights will provide homeowners like yourself In the Southern California area to sell their homes FASTER, by using the latest Cutting Edge Tech-Savy Marketing Techniques & Technology.

Just watch this video for a few more details which, showcases a few of our marketing techniques that help get your home sold!

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Short Sale?...   How Does it Work?

Afraid to loose your home?

Are you facing foreclosure?

Do you believe there is no way out?

Mortgage payments behind 3 to 6 months?

Will loosing your home leave you with nothing?

Did you know the bank will pay you real money to move?

Negotiating a short sale takes special knowledge...

Our Team of Negotiators have that special knowledge.

Avprr Services, will strive & aim deep to see to it that you get as much aid that can be possibly available to you.

The results... 

You can move on with your life.


Give us a call! We may be able to help you?

But only after we learn your circumstances....

There are many Short Seller Incentives out there, that may help you get what you need so that you can move on with your life & escape these unneeded burdens that haunt even the best of us.

Don't be shy!  

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